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Skyline-logoSkyline Potato Company was created in 1991 by John B Smith to offer marketing and packaging capabilities for Southern Colorado Farms. Skyline Potato Company has become a dominant player in the fresh market potato business in Colorado which is the second largest fresh market shipping district in the country.

Skyline Potato Company offers conventional and organic product lines. We have multiple packing sheds in the Center, Colorado area. Skyline has capitalized on its central geographic location to supply the major markets in the eastern United States. We have been exporting potatoes to Mexico since 2003. Skyline Potato Company has a proven track record of complying with Mexico's import laws and regulations. We continue to support the negotiations between the United States and Mexico to eventually open the border for the entire country of Mexico.

Les Alderete has served as the General Manager since 2014, supervising the explosive growth that has continued over the past 15 years.

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Nutrition Facts

Potatoes are a good source of Vitamin C.