Food Safety

Food Safety is an integral part of the JV Smith Companies culture. Beyond our first priority, it is our passion – we are always researching new programs and methods to ensure that our practices are the best way to prevent outbreaks, furthering the education of our food safety employees, and training all our workers on the importance of food safety. With direct communication to the CEO, food safety directors are welcomed and encouraged to always communicate their needs, ideas, hesitations with no retribution – meticulous and curious are the two main attributes we look for in Food Safety personnel.

Per industry best practices, all of our farms follow:

  • Good Agricultural Practices
  • Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Global Food Safety Certified
  • Global Gap Certified
  • SQF Certified
  • LGMA Compliant
  • Food security (CT-PAT) Compliant
  • HAACCP Compliant
  • Internal and third-party audits

Here are some examples of our commitment to further research in Food Safety:

JV Farms provided land and other resources to the CPS Rapid Response Research team to understand the Romaine outbreak. Here about the results in the webinar:

Food Safety

“I enjoy working with JV Farms because they are scientifically savvy, and eager to be involved in cutting edge agricultural research, including my lab's efforts to test new and innovative ways to conduct co-management of wildlife and agriculture to improve food safety.”

--- Dr. Paula Rivadeneira, PhD
Assistant Specialist, Food Safety and Wildlife Cooperative Extension/SWES, The University of Arizona