#JVSmithworkstyle is our way of sharing the team culture within all of our companies. We recognize that our biggest asset is the people who work passionately to ensure our companies stay on track with our mission and future vision. We believe that a workstyle is equally as important as a lifestyle. Because of this, we highly prioritize philanthropy, health and social experiences for our team members. Our #jvworkstyle has created a family environment for all of us in the office, the fields or wherever we may do our work.


JV Wellness Program:

JV Smith Companies is committed to the health and well-being of our employees and communities. In 2010, JV Smith Companies dedicated resources and pledged an ongoing commitment to wellness by providing fresh, innovative ways to keep employees and their family members motivated and actively engaged in maintaining their health and wellness. We pride ourselves on supporting and participating in grassroots events to promote and model health and wellness within the community. Our program encompasses employees in Arizona, Mexico, California and Colorado who actively bond through participation in team building challenges and events. Some of our current and past activities include participation in the Yuma Marathon, City of Yuma Parks and Recreation activities, Yuma Bicycle Coalition events, City of Somerton Triathlon, memberships at locally owned gyms as well as self-organized fun runs, hikes, bike tours and social media challenges.

Scholarship Program:

JV Smith Companies believes strongly in the value of furthering one’s education. In addition to financially assisting employees with their education goals, the Smith Family Foundation offers scholarship opportunities for their dependents of their employees.


Congratulations to the Smith Family Foundation 2019-2020 Scholarship Recipients:

Arizona Western College- Claudia Villegas Contreras

ASU - Jairo Garcia II

Grand Canyon University- Nicole Quiros

University of Arizona - Gilberto Ramos Hernandez

NAU - Amy Barnum

ASU - Alyssa Gallegos

Arizona Western College - Chrystal Benavidez

Cal State - Chico - Nicholas Potts

Colorado State - Pueblo - Valentina Pons

U of Cal - Berkeley - Raquel Kunugi

San Diego State - Ed Morales

ASU - Yulissa Felix

NAU - Guillermo Jimenez

Colorado State - Yosedit Romero

Adams State - Aaliyah Garcia

Cal State Monterey Bay - Elizabeth Silva

ASU - Chelsie Vizcarra

Cal State Fresno - Isaiah Abat

Arizona Western College - Yajaira Ortega

Glendale Community - Nubia Ortega

Mt. San Antonio - Brittany Zavala

Arizona Western College- Clarissa Zavala

ASU - Jacob Hansen

Utah Valley - Joshua Hansen

Gonzaga - Emme Smith

ASU - Paola Delgado

UC San Diego - Annyssa Morales

Cal State Fresno - Matthew Morales

ASU - Alex Rivas

NAU - Braden Smith