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JVFarms-LogoJV Farms started in 1988, is an agricultural company that grows lettuce, broccoli, and other intensively farmed vegetable crops. It was formed by John and Vic Smith to grow crops in the vibrant and growing agricultural community of Yuma, AZ. The diversified ground base for the farming operations includes Yuma Valley, Gila Valley, Wellton-Mohawk, and Bard, CA.

JV Farms works with all of the major vegetable shipping operations, offering a quality winter program for the domestic and international markets. We have a long tradition of commitment to quality, nutrition and safety in the products we grow. Our team continues to work on best practices to provide better food in a more sustainable environment and at affordable prices to all consumers.

Matt McGuire joined the team in 2007 and is currently the General Manager of our farming operation.


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Nutrition Facts

Green Onions are a good source of Vitamin C.