JV Farms Organic

JV Farms Organic came to fruition in 2012 when Vic Smith, CEO-JV Smith Companies, had the pleasure of joining forces with a grower, Israel Morales. Israel has decades of experience growing organic produce. Israel and Vic share the strong belief of working with the planet versus fighting nature’s ways and have created an adaptive plan to grow organic produce using holistic approaches to environmental factors. Israel has a knack for working with the environment to create healthy, pure and successful growing fields. A walk in the field with Israel and you will learn that he has taken the time to understand the insects, the soil, the varieties, and all the factors that are involved with growing. Please see the Sustainability Report here.

JV Smith Organic


Israel Morales


Israel Morales Sr. was elevated to Executive Director of Sustainable Operations in 2019 to share his holistic growing practices with all the JV Smith Companies’ entities. Triangle Farms of JV Smith Companies is managing JV Farms Organic in the same spirit founded by Israel.

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