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JV Smith Companies Walks The Walk On Employee Wellness

YUMA - JV Smith Companies, a Yuma-based agriculture company is proof that the workplace is far more than just work.   Their team has catapulted employee health and wellness to a new priority level. The fresh produce company has long been an advocate for healthy eating.  Rightfully so as they are one of the leading producers of fresh vegetables in the Yuma and Baja California, Mexico areas.  Their staff, approximately 750 at peak season, has now upped the ante with the addition of a popular employee led fitness program to round out their wellness efforts.

When participating in any 5k or 10k in Yuma, one can’t help but notice the red JV Smith Companies shirts huddled before the big race, accompanied by team spirit and camaraderie that mirrors other team sports.

The JV Smith Companies team has accomplished more than some individuals will accomplish in a lifetime. Their story starts at the start line, continues around the company “water cooler” and ends with quantitative (and qualitative) results. The employees have the opportunity to be recognized for their strength, their endurance, their shrinking waist line, and their team spirit.

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