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JV Farms Organic Launches Updated Recycling Program

JV Farms Organic, based in Soledad, CA, has launched a revised recycling program to improve their current systems in place and ensure they are being the best stewards of the land possible. The goals of their new program are:

  • Reduce waste charges through increased recycling.
  • Improve environmental impact by reducing recyclable waste going to the landfil
  • Review and assess their waste audit.
  • Educate their team about what is recyclable (both at home and on the farm)
  • Partner with Salinas Solid Waste Authority to highlight future household waste events
  • Listen to their team to learn new improvement ideas and suggestions.

As part of this new program, interactive, hands-on training opportunities are being scheduled. Employees are being educated on items on the farm that are recyclable, including but not limited to plastic pallet wrap, plastic pallet tape, paper, cardboard boxes, plastic sprinkler heads, plastic water and drink bottles, aluminum cans, glass bottles and field flags. JV Smith Organics employees are also segregating items, such as plastic seed bags, plastic fertilizer bags and RPC's to return to the distributors so they can reuse these items.

Vic Smith, CEO of JV Farms Organic, attended one of the team's recycling trainings in September and shared, "JV Farms Organic, as well as our whole operation under JV Smith Companies, takes deep pride in being good stewards of the land. We recognize our role to grow healthy, fresh produce for the country with the least impact possible on the land that is so good to us."

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