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Would You Rather be Butch or Sundance?

Vic Smith, President and CEO of JV Smith Companies, isn't one for robbing trains and running from the law, but his quick wit and cunning have nonetheless landed him smack dab in the middle of a wild ride through produce. It may not have been without its bumps along the way, but this produce aficionado has always had a taste for adventure and the sense to tackle the world head-on under the guise of the infamous Butch Cassidy... or so he likes to say.

Before I put together the mystery surrounding this industry kingpin, Vic took me back to a time when he and his father were working hand-in-hand as partnersin-crime, so to speak. It was in the mid-1970s, just after studying Business Administration and Economics at the University of Colorado. Vic spent his dog days at Skyview Cooling Co., a venture his father founded in 1970, learning the tools of the trade before branching further into the depths of the industry. There, he and his father helped take the business into Yuma, and then Salinas the following summer. Vic hasn’t looked back since.

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