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Field Worker Crew Rewarded With Labor Of Love Program Shopping Spree 'Detour'

Yuma, Arizona - 40 Yuma, Ariz., field workers were treated to a surprise breakfast, a $50 gift card and a trip to the local Target store on January 20, 2016 thanks to the Labor of Love program and its weekly sponsor, JV Smith Companies. Vic Smith, CEO and owner of JV Smith Companies, was thrilled with the surprise as were local Target shoppers who witnessed the event as it unfolded.

We appreciate our employees every single day. But what fun it was to be able to surprise them with breakfast and a shopping spree. These are some of the most gracious, kindhearted and loyal employees you'll ever meet. We want them to know we appreciate them and the hard work they put into their jobs every day."

"The program is a unique way for growers and shippers to show their appreciation to the field workers," said Kristan Sheppeard, one of the Labor of Love organizers. "These companies have always appreciated their teams. Labor of Love, though, offers them a unique and creative way to add an extra thank you to those that work so hard each and every day."

The Yuma, Arizona agriculture industry produces 93% of the nation's winter lettuce. All of the careful planning for a prosperous growing season can quickly become negatively impacted if the labor to thin, irrigate and harvest the crops is not in ample supply. The local growers and harvesters invest their time and energy each year in finding and employing a carefully selected workforce. The laborers are skilled experts at harvesting and many leave their families for months at a time to work in the fields.

The Labor of Love program includes surprise breakfasts delivered to various farms; random acts of kindness to workers; a Facebook page with posts devoted to sharing stories of various workers; a website, that shares the stories; and a grand finale surprise at the 2016 Harvest Dinner, a celebration for 1200 guests in the industry.

The program was created by the Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association. "It offers an opportunity to thank those for their service to the agriculture industry," President of YFVA Steve Alameda shared. "Working in the Yuma fields is a difficult profession and requires a commitment and unique set of skills. When we find the right workers, we want to make sure we take care of them, respect them and celebrate their invaluable contribution to the industry."

For more information and for video clips on the Labor of Love program, contact Limelight Creative Group at 928-246-9255.

Source: Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association

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